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Presenting work samples


Senior Member
Just a quick question?
I've started collecting my work together to re-build my physical and online portfolios, but I want to approach it a bit differently to the way I've done it in the past.

I'm thinking about photographing a lot more samples and using the photos instead of plain physical samples.

Is photography the way to go, or is it better to mock up a photoshopped sample that looks like a photo?

I've done a bit of playing around, and I'm tilting towards photographing it all.
Then I started to wonder if I should do this against a consistent neural backdrop or try to set up "in-situ" shots for each project. I like the idea of the staged photos that put the design into the environment and purpose it was made for.

I'm interested in other people's approaches and how successful they feel they were.
Any opinion would be appreciated.
I use artificial stills made from the original artwork, but I would photograph them if I could afford it.

I think photographing work is much better than photoshopped stills, but if you do it cheaply then it'll look awful. So if you do choose to shoot it, do it properly.
it's a good question mate. the problem i found with photographs was that although they look better and give your clients the idea of a REAL project, it all goes pear shaped when you also need to show online and broadcasting. also you are in trouble if you designed a product that you wanted to show but it is not printed.

i guess than a 3D render is somewhere on between, wouldn't it?