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I'm horrendously new to web advancement. I'm endeavoring to make a really straightforward site with a companion. My companion has set aside the opportunity to outline the format for our site, and we have things looking how we need in a static HTML page.

What I'd get a kick out of the chance to do now is move over to a Content Management System like Drupal yet keep a similar outline that we have all prepared laid out.

Since I'm totally new to this handle, I'm searching for some prescribed procedures guidance with respect to how to make this jump.

It's clear to me that I could likely alter some current Drupal Theme to influence it to give me the format that I need, yet is that the way I ought to go down?

Much obliged!

Refresh: Also, is it something other than supplanting my style.css with their style.css?

Refresh 2: The ultimate objective is for individuals to have the capacity to sign in and make news passages, fundamentally the same as a blog that will at that point show up on the first page. There will be different things on the left-and right-yet they don't should be straightforwardly gotten to by anybody, truly. They'll remain entirely static.
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Paul Murray

Paul Murray

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Something like Drupal sounds like it might be overkill for such a simple site. I'd look at a flat-file CMS such as Pico, rather than something that uses a MySQL database (CMSs such as Wordpress, Drupal, etc). The content is saved on your hosting directory as flat files (normally just *.txt files) so moving them over to a new server is super simple – you literally just upload them with your other site files. There's also some themes available to get your start with a layout and to help you learn how they're made.

I personally use Perch as my CMS of choice, it handles blogs and everything just fine, but comes with a £50 per site license fee, and requires a database. I like the way it lets you build a site though, which is why I use it. If you want your sidebar content to be static, you just don't let Perch edit it, though this is typically the case for most CMSs. By default they'll be set up to handle everything – sidebars, navigation, footer content, etc, and you need to change it so it doesn't manage these things. With Perch it's different, you build the CMS into your site and just leave static content as static content.