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pre-created sports design

Hello i am seeking somebody capable of producing a sports related (BOXING) flag /banner.
I have designed the draft using relatively in-expensive software. Now i need somedody to bring the design to life. how ???, I'm hoping you can tell me.
More than willing to pay someone for their efforts.
Can you help me ?

Tony Hardy

What is it exactly you're after? If you post a brief up, I'm sure we'll have members more than willing to work for you :)
tony. I am looking towards a finalised banner/flag with approx dimensions of 10ft h x 8 ft w.
incorporating to narrow channelled sleeves/ pockets either side to house two flexible flag poles. Also looking to also have four eye holes in each corner to enable fixing to structures.
I have a finalised draft saved to my desktop tony. How can i attach it for your viewing

Tony Hardy

If you go to "reply" then there should be an "attach image" button for you to upload it?

Failing that, email it to me at hello@canny-creative.com and I'll post it up for you :)