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Pre-created images needed for website template.

Hello all, looking for a number of designs/images that have already be created (Personal projects are also ok) that relates to music culture. Any album cover, band website, promo image or music related banding.The images will be used to help create a website template and will be removed when the site is live but maybe shown to clients privately. Please contact me if you have anything like this in your locker and set your price per image/design. CGI, UX, illustration graphic design and the rest all welcome.


Active Member
eh?... so you want examples of work to populate your empty website concept ????
A lit bit more info may provide a better response
Hi guys yes to both. I could use stock images but none catch my eye. I will be showing this tempate to others to try and get them on board and with stock images I feel this with hinder the response. If you type in Music in www.behance.net or got onto www.bandjob.com thats along the lines what I'm after, but it doesn't really need to have any music reference just as long as it could be passed off and tricked to being related to music.
Cay anyone help ?


Staff member
so lets read between the lines... you've done a template and you want our images.... now I'm going to guess that the template will cost money... will we get any monetary reward for you using our images...
and I believe it hard to believe that you have not found any stock images...
Hi Levi yes is the answer. Ok there maybe some stock images I could use but I'm just seeing if anything is out there that would fit better by going to the source. Am I being unreasonable?. I did state to name your price. If I can get it cheaper then stock great but if not and the image is worth that little more extra in cash then thats also ok.

Tony Hardy

I guess it depends exactly what you're after? If you want individual CD covers etc then I've got loads I've designed lying about that I'm sure clients won't mind you using as placeholders?
Hi Tony I would like to have a look if possible, Could you PM me.
Anyone else who could help please get in touch .
Thanks Guys