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Potential Web Development costs?


Junior Member
Hi everyone ,

i am looking looking to have a website designed but first i need to sell the idea of the website and have as many people sign up and register before its even built.

so i need to know what i need to be asking for if i just want some sort of home page designing with the information of what the site is all about, with the ability to let people register and some sort management system for me to be able to keep track of how many people have signed up and that allows me to email them with news on how the site is progressing.

also could anyone let me know what i should be paying roughly for this to be set up.

cheers all



Active Member
Hi Phil,

It sounds like an uphill struggle getting people to register before you have the site built, but that aside, it should be fairly simple in web development terms to get a developer to code a simple front end form, that then takes the submitted info and store it in a MySQL database.

I'm not a developer myself, so can't really say how much it might cost, but if it was my site/project, I would anticipate costs around £250-400, depending on how complex the front end page design is, and what you might need the database to do.

I'm sure some developers will put me right shortly, and give you a better idea :)

Welcome to DF by the way.


Junior Member
Thanks Greg the design side shouldn't be an issue i just need to know what terms i should be using to explain more clearly what i want.

its does sound a bit dubious Ralph but if i can get interest then i feel i can get investment, there would be more to the site hopefully than just an introduction as to what where looking to bring to the online world and then taking your details i hope there to be a bit more inter-activeness with the users before the final product is complete .

cheers :cool:


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No problems, and yes I would be asking for a simple HTML/CSS front end, with a form that allows all the various fields you'd need (ie. name, e-mail, etc) perhaps some form validation, so checking fields for correct inputs, so you don't have to spend time taking out the spam ones, and maybe a tick box to say that they're happy to be added to your mailing list. Then a simple MySQL database that stores all the info for future use :)

If you have an e-mail newsletter setup in mind, a service like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor then it might be even simpler, as you could just their code to hook it up so that e-mails entered on the form are stored in your MailChimp account, so perhaps no need for the database, but like I say all depends what the next step with it all will be.