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Posters for exhibition. Need Advice and guidance from graphici designers!

Hello everyone :)

I've only just became a member! I'm not studying graphic design, i'm studying Product design. However, For our final exhibition that is coming up, we have been asked to design 4 A2 posters for each project. They will have the titles:

Discover - What is the design problem? Client?
Define - what you will be designing
Develop - sketches/ initial ideas
Deliver - final design

I'm currently working on 4 A2 boards for a Styling Chair i designed for Hair Salon use, for a furniture company aiming to break into this market.

I wanted to come up with quite a quirky, rough design for the boards. Here is the first two boards. Its only a draft so it will be done in better quality. Any advice would be great thanks :)

deliverr.jpg Define 2.jpg