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Poster - thoughts & suggestions


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This isn't meant to be harsh, just succinct:

- Don't use Myriad for every piece of type on your poster - It's default. It looks lazy and meshes too much with the UCLAN logo.

- Multimedia isn't directly related to binary code. Lose it and replace with something more relatable and come up with a strapline better related to multimedia.

- "Breaks the trend" - No relationship to anything on the page.

- The spanner and screwdriver have no relationship to multimedia and yet it's the main focus of the page. Use something else.

- The splatters of paint need to be shaped in and around the other elements on the page.

- The red header/footer fights with the blue for dominance. Use a different colour.

- Black and red is not easily readable. Use a different colour.

- Make the course features stand out more.

- Make the course features either one colour or group them into colours.

That's off the top of my head. Look forward to seeing a revised version.
Just thought I should add, in case anyone thinks I'm using this for help on my assignments the piece has already been submitted.

Don't worry, I don't feel thats harsh in the slightest.
I do agree with some points, however the binary was not supposed to be related, hence the 'think computing degrees are all code and number crunching' the idea was supposed to be that the binary was 'behind' the multimedia.

I did explain that with the report I also had to submit.

I actually was bored of people in my class using lots of different fonts on one piece, but I do understand what you're saying and take it into account, I do struggle choosing fonts which complement each other.

The red was taken from the uni logo.

Thanks for your comments Neil, I do take them all into account.


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I can see what you were trying to accomplish with the binary code, but I think it's too much of a leap and one which, visually speaking, doesn't quite work as well as someone actually saying "Multimedia isn't about binary code".

As for font choice, I'm not saying you should use lots of different fonts, just that it would be nice to see a heading font and content font. Something to differentiate the various parts of the page.

If you must use the red, taken from the logo, consider changing the blue to something else. Similarly as I said, black on red doesn't work. White on red would.

Also, consider posting work before you submit it. Then people on this forum can help you improve and get higher marks. I think what you said about "in case anyone thinks I'm using this for help" sounded as if asking for advice is a bad thing. It really isn't and it's always good to show people something before the rest of the world sees it.


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I'm agreeing with alot of what was has been said.

Another thing, the pink at the top and bottom don't add anything, in the top banner, if you loose the binary and just have white text on the blue, that would look great. the bottom one can go aswell, just have the text as black, it will look fine.

Add a really subtle gradient to the white area, white to a gentle grey, that will look nice.

There is no real need for the text at the bottom to be lots of different colours.

If this is for a university, a bit of design flourish (splatters) is acceptable, but other than that keep it clean and neat, as you have a uni ident on there, it would be to far off base with all the extra detail.

Good luck