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Poster Ideas


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Well on the side i do power kite tuition, its extra cash but not a huge business venture so do not have the spare cash to pay a designer, also dosn't need to be the best design in world just clean and simple.

So am thinking will have a go myself, but need some inspiration. Are there any good sites with designs to have a look at for ideas & styles? and if so any tutorial for basic effects on posters.

On a side note if there is a designer who wants some portfolio work and wants to do it on the mega cheap then am sure could stretch but this is more of a sideline so no real budget. Hopefully you can understand.


how urgently do u need it?

Do you have hi res pics of kite action?

I could do with the portfolio bulkup and a bit of creativity. ;-P

My current gig bores the life out of me.


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Pref for a weeks time ideally! well next weekend, but if someone is helping me out then not going to be to strict on time scales!

I have around 32gb's of high res photos as am a pro rider in the sport (trying not to blow own trumpet) so have plenty to choose from that are nice & sunny etc..... Craig Sparkes :: Freestyle Kite Buggier is probably the best bet in gallery, mind you gallery does need a huge update of pictures as is a bit messy at the moment!

Just looked at some of your portfolio! & wow! There are some sweet as adverts!
Cool well u could gather say, 5 of the best or most dynamic, zip them in a file.
Send them over to me and I can mock somethin up for u if you want.
Emailcalvint AT gmail.com we can also go over what copy/text you want on it.


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wow! What can I say, will email you over all text & images tomorrow!!!! If you could let me know if you want anything else for it aswell!

Thanks again!!!!



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Emailed over.

Our budgets have been squashed this year and with most events in Europe we are getting raped as of exchange rate!