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Poster for college gig I'm doing.

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by tomster785, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. tomster785

    tomster785 New Member

    I'm taking music A level and we have to perform a gig for the course. Our teacher said we need to advertise it and so I offered to make this poster. I think it's quite good and I enjoyed making it. This is actually a first attempt at a poster as well so be gentle :p
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2010
  2. tomster785

    tomster785 New Member

  3. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    I think for your first attempt it isn't bad, the dark colour is striking and would probably make me look.

    I think maybe if you used two fonts with an alternative one between the header and main body then that could help a little and I'm not overly keen on the image used, though the idea is nice.

    It's a nice starting point though :icon_smile:
  4. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Be sure to design it at the size you're going to be printing it at (or larger) so that you get crisp edges and avoid pixelation (jagged, squared edges).

    All in all it's not too bad :) I'd possibly make the headline 'Havoc in the HAC' all uppercase, with 'in the' set to a slightly smaller font size :)
  5. tomster785

    tomster785 New Member

    Thank you for critiques, I've implemented the ideas you've both said. I've changed the header font and made it all in caps with the 'IN THE' slightly smaller.

    dedwardp - I would like to know what you don't like about the image I made? I want this to be as good as possible.

    Paul Murray - It is going to be A4 it's going to be on a small noticeboard and so I can't go any bigger, this is the right size for A4.
  6. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    I prefer the new header - just something about it that seems to bring it out a bit better; makes it stand out more.

    I think that what Paul is possibly referring to is that when you look at it in the full size, the image you have has very jagged edges and slightly blurred such as on the drum symbols?

    And I'm not really too sure what it is that I don't like too much about the image, there's just something about it sorry! Nice concept, but maybe not brilliantly executed - I think the idea of having an illustration in the way you have is good, but maybe have a play with it to see how it could look.

    Even if it isn't on this poster and you play on another idea, see how it goes :icon_smile:
  7. tomster785

    tomster785 New Member

    Thanks for the comment on the new header :)
    The drums are blurry by design, I was attempting a depth of field thing, the guitar and bass have slightly less blur and so does the mic, the only thing without blur is the bass treble clef heart. I tried to make it more prominent with this next edit. I have also removed the jaggedness.
    I also have no idea of what I could do to improve the image.
  8. SparkCreative

    SparkCreative Member

    It's ok, but I think you could have chosen a more 'havoc-y' font. it all looks a bit soft and restrained. I'd make the images larger and fill more of the poster and the stuff at the bottom a little smaller. And change the end line, it doesn't really make sense. If you must have it, Get Rid Of All The Unnecessary Caps (bit of a bugbear of mine).
  9. tomster785

    tomster785 New Member

    I've no idea what to fill the sides in with. I didn't think it needed anything, also if you read the setlist and then read the last line it does make sense, but I suppose not everyone will do that. So I'll just put what charity the money is going to. I also added some new text and changed the sizes and things. The new title fits both the event and the poster/font better. It's going to be really relaxed so havoc in the HAC doesn't fit any more.
  10. SparkCreative

    SparkCreative Member

    That, for me is starting to work a little better.

    Too many comments so I've done a chop job on it. It's by no means perfect, but I'm trying to show you what I mean about filling the space. I've also reduced the copy a bit and made it into only two type sizes instead of loads - keep it simpler. The one other thing I'd do it put the main heading back into the original font in upper and lowercase - I think it looks a bit incongruous now.

  11. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    Rip it Up and Start Again - Orange Juice

    Just kidding.

    What would I do?

    1. Lose the musical notation symbols from the graphic (can you use it upside down like that?) and make the whole image a bit smaller (or otherwise relatively respace the image and text above/below)
    2. Put the capitalization back in the song titles (I think it's appropriate in this context)
    3. Lose the word 'cost'
    4. lowercase 'p' for 'proceeds'.
  12. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    Yeah - the type layout's much better there, though maybe something clearer than a doublespace to seperate titles on the same line.
  13. tomster785

    tomster785 New Member

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