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Poster Backgrounds


Junior Member

Im new to these forums, and would really appreciate some help.

Im a uni student who has been given the task of producing a poster which shows a product we had designed.

So my problem is how to get a decent background for the poster? I would like to have the product sitting on a 'surface', maybe a table, or kitchen worktop, or just a plain surface like the one below. How should I go about creating something like this?


Thanks alot for your help
1. Find the background you want 'maybe a table, or kitchen worktop, or just a plain surface'

2. Get a camera.

3. Take a picture.

4. Use picture in Photoshop (or similar).

5. Do some work using image taken on camera to desired effect.

6. Press print.


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To do something like the picture you posted, get a big sheet of paper, tape the top to the wall, then let it gently curve onto the floor.


Staff member
um... hows the product being produced?

Actual model, cad render, hand render... it makes a huge difference as to how you produce that image...