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Portfolio Size / Pina Zangaro

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum:' started by Chris8920, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Chris8920

    Chris8920 New Member

    Hey everyone,

    Just have a couple of questions.

    When I was at college I use to use a a big A2 folio and mount all my work onto A2 black boards. I never really liked the size at the time or felt comfortable with it. I'm redoing my portfolio at the moment and I am going to resize it down to A3 and get a screwpost one instead.

    1. What do most people do with A3 posters in an A3 folio? Is it best to just resize them down to A4? Or keep the borders at about 5mm and scale the poster down just slightly? I might actually go landscape as well, so I'm also considering just taking the actual poster if I really needed to.

    2. Anyone have a Pina Zangaro folio? If so what do you think of them?

    3. Is your folio portrait or landscape?

  2. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    1. I actually prefer to get my posters printed (just a digital print is ok) and then have them photographed in a photography studio, with close-up shots of the typography and any details included. I find this is better than just plonking in a digital version, but that's just my preference. My portfolio is actually A4 size, but everyone else I know has A3. I stil have an A3 area to work with, but it's not as big and bulky to carry around with me.

    2. I've considered (and am still considering) getting a bamboo one but the price is a bit off-putting, especially since I don't know of any local resellers that I can pop into and have a look before I buy. I did see a guy with an acrylic one at a portfolio event a while back, and I noticed that there were visible lumps on the cover where the binding screws have pressed into it when he's been holding it.

    3. A4 portrait, but I combine these into an A3 spread, like this...

  3. Chris8920

    Chris8920 New Member

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the reply. See what you mean about the A4, thanks for letting me know :icon_smile:

    I was going to do this actually but read some previous posts about people who thought seeing the real thing etc. was the best way and if they saw photographs they would be shocked. However maybe I just happened to come across some old fashioned views, because I think as long as the photographs are big enough to see the detail then it's fine.

    Unfortunately I've not seen a bamboo one in the UK only the Vista and Machina. If I do I'll drop you a line.

    3. A4 portrait, but I combine these into an A3 spread, like this...

    View attachment 1926
  4. SKHdesign

    SKHdesign New Member

    I absolutely love my Pina Zangaro portfolio... expensive but worth every penny in my opinion.

    I resized things down, as said above - I also prefer to photograph things and presented everything on single pages, project per page, no more than 12 pages.
  5. Chris8920

    Chris8920 New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Do you use landscape or portrait? And what type of portfolio do you have?

    I've heard the machina can scratch quite easily but I think I'm going to end up going for it anyway.
  6. SKHdesign

    SKHdesign New Member

    I have an A3 portrait Vista in White - heres the link.

    Pina Zangaro : Products : Vista Presentation Books

    I bought the pack with everything so mine came with a carry case which protects it all the time. I can't say I've noticed any scratches on it but then again it is white and it's probably least noticable on white!
  7. Chris8920

    Chris8920 New Member

    Yeah I'm kind of bouncing between the white and the machina right now so not too sure :) Does the case have a handle or is it just a cover basically?
  8. SKHdesign

    SKHdesign New Member

    Just a cover sort of thing, although it fits well in the hand, landscape up in the the armpit - lol - if you understand what I mean? Easy to carry and looks smart. Also great for keeping CV's flat in when going to job interviews! (back in the day for me, but never say never again!)
  9. Chris8920

    Chris8920 New Member

    Haha yeh know exactly what you mean! Going to be so much easier being A3 than the old A2 one I had (couldn't do any armpit manoeuvre there). Thanks for the info, will be ordering one soon :)
  10. Tash

    Tash Member

    absolutely drooling over the white vista.... do you know of anywhere that does something like that - the hinge style that I don't need to take out a mortgage to afford? I've spent the past hour on google and keep getting pina zangara results thrown back at me or places that do something similar for corporates but don't tell you a unit price
  11. I'm all for A4. I can't imagine a reason why any potential employer would care to see anything larger than A4. If you have got brilliant large format work - then do take in an example - but only if seeing the full size version is going to add anything to seeing an A4 reproduction.
  12. Dodfaefife

    Dodfaefife New Member

    Just wondering, has anyone done their 'folio as a book from the likes of Blurb or Apple? Revisiting Blurb recently they seem to have come on a bit with colour profiles, indesign templates etc. A 40pg, 33x28cm landscape, hardback would be around £60. I thought it might be really nice way to present work. I could have different sections for different sectors of work. Cheap enough to reprint once or even twice a year to keep updated. Anyone made one? I'm tempted.
  13. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    I've seen a few bound portfolios, and they're certainly impressive if you've got the work to fill them.

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