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Portfolio site

Seems good. I am not sure about the mix of old and new and different fonts for the portfolio pages. One big issue I am having on Chrome on my MacBook (might just been my computer) is that the bottom of each page (like the send button on the contact form, and the Twitter Username at the bottom of the home page are cut off/not appearing altogether, and I am not able to scroll down to see it.
Overall, despite the fact I don't know the background behind your creative business etc. Seems nice :) But I think the above should be considered/addressed. Cheers


Staff member
honestly I find the layout confusing and not exactly obvious that you need to click 'here' to move around
The first page also seems off balanced with the heavy black on the right side
I like that by making the browser window wider more of the images is revealed, you could do some quite interesting things with that.
Not to keen on the drop shadow on Portfolio text half way down on the right, it makes it look fuzzy and hard to read.

Sean Lee-Amies

I find it very annoying that when you hover over text it turns white, white text against a white background is a big no no.
You need to make that huge "Follow Me" image a button that takes you to the next slide, I would also change the wording to indicate that it will show you more of your work, that white arrow can be made a lot smaller.
That red green and blue logo in the top left needs to go :p
Other than that you've got a good site on your hands! :)

Tony Hardy

First thing of note for me; it's just taken about 30 seconds to load. That can't be good.
The layout is confusing the hell out of me. I just don't know where to go for the best.
The animation is nice for the scrolling.

I think you could work on the contact form a little? Looks very squashed in and maybe an afterthought.


Junior Member
I'm gonna get the site's text re wrote by a copyrighter i think.
Need to make it a bit more ie7+8 compatible, then work on a mobile/ipad version me thinks!


Junior Member
I've made alot of changes to the site now to make it more legible, easy to understand and fixed lots of bugs.
The sites text bodies are going to be re written by a professional but if anyone fancies a quick look to see if they spot anything else i'd be massively appreciative!
I've still got to build a mobile/ipad version of the site which shouldn't take long so this is purpose built for larger screens though i'm aware of the ie7/8 issues.

Thanks so much in advance!


Staff member
personally I'd lose the drop shadows on the bold text like under the about bit... it makes it look blurry to me
It's got potential to be awesome, but as is it neglects almost all of the 'good design is CRAP' rules

Contrast - the drop shadows on the text are too similar to their surroundings, some nice contrast in the rest of the site though
Repetition - AHHHHH, this is the big one. The orange on the first page pops out of nowhere and clashes with the previous red. There's too much variation in text size. The rollovers (on text) behave differently on different parts of the page. The portfolio pages don't seem to correspond to the rest of the site.
Alignment - Fair enough, it's the style your going for, might need a little tweaking still.
Proximity - Perhaps not vital in your case (based on the style) but if it was me I'd play it safe and use more consistent spacing. I guess this could be an issue with scaleable text.
Hope I've been helpful and not too harsh. I am struggling with my own website redesign at the moment and as bit of a trial-and-error designer it's getting a little tedious to say the least.