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Portfolio Site

HI all

I have recently finished off my website to help promote my freelance graphic design service. I know there are many designers in this forum and was wondering if you could review (even a few sentences if you don't have much time) my site?

Link here: Gilmore Visuals: Home

Many thanks in advance.
It is a basic website, in a good way, keeps them clean. When looking for a designer you want to get on there, check out previous work, and find a contact page. Or that's what we hope :p

Anyway, having the left and right parts in those black containers makes the footer a little left out, just as if it's been added there. I also wouldn't have it as an image, and you may want to change it, and your going to have to as the years go by anyway.

I would also place the social network icons below popular pages as i find popular pages more important.
Other than that, as long as you are happy with it, it will come, a few tweaks here and there :)


Staff member
honest opinions here:

the design seems a bit of a mish mash of design elements and it doesn't work, you've got rounded boxes, squared edges, big open spaces with text in and text which seems too cluttered as it's close together.

Have no idea what relevance the 'bubble' image has.

Your photo really doesn't appeal to me from a business perspective, you look like a bit like one of those cocky sod's you see on the street, now I'm not saying you are but images speak a thousand words.

You need to sort out your text as it just doesn't flow in places and the 'text' boxes need some padding to move them away from your black boxes.

Testimonials mean nothing as anyone can write them.

Nothing happens if I click on the thumbs, I assumed they would enlarge

Match up your blues, there's too many different blues.

Why do you have the "For the service I will pay:" on your contact form, the client doesn't tell you how much your services are worth, we tell them how much it would cost for the work and then they say yes or no.

Your site lacks hierarchy, the identity is inconsistent, the photo looks out of place, the rounded corners look badly done,the image of the bubbles/ circles is pointless and a waste of space, the use of text lacks thought it needs some space to be able to breathe.

I'd also look at the work you're showing in your portfolio, it doesn't stand out against the white, maybe look at different ways of showing work?

I were you i'd take a step back, have another impartial look and compare it to similar websites and ask yourself what you can do.

Oh and lose the testimonials.
I have a very long list of things that don't work for me with your site.
There is no concistencey, it looks very untidy and nothing is really related to anything else.
It's all a bit of a shambles and EVERYTHING else is over powering your portfolio of work.

I think you need to take some time away form your current design and look at some other designer websites and really take note of what they are doing right or wrong. Your website looks very quickly thrown together with not much thought or real effort :(

Looking forward to seeing how you progress from this.


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The text on the home page seems really blurry to me, might be the way you have compressed the images.

Also I wanted to agree with Levi about your photo, better without it in my opinion.

Alex L

Senior Member
The focal point of the website for me is the circles image. But what am I actually looking at here? My eyes aren't drawn to the text on the image. Is this your best work. Is that the first thing you want people to see?

Most of what I'd say has already been said but I'll go over a few things.

The logo doesn't work for me at all. It doesn't make me think you are an expert in the field of design.

Why is your footer an image? With an alt tag of tandc?

Could this not just be text?

Use different and importantly, consistent fonts. I'm getting a mix of serif, sans-serif and monospaced.

Try not to use a table based design.


Senior Member
First of all you have to ask yourself what is your position in this communication:

Am I looking for a company that will employ me?


Am I a company and I am looking for clients?

These are two different positions. If you want both you need two different web sites.

Then you can think about the design of each site.

At the moment your site is confusing. It's hard to understand whether it is a portfolio or a company site.

I suggest that before fixing the graphic design, you position it.