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Portfolio review

Hi I've been studying on faculty of education on department for visual arts.. on my secondary school I graduated from graphic design.. i love to create..
Well i am interested in your view on my graphic design works. I must say it's all self-taught, because i studied more to be art teacher.
Nowadays i am very into design.. I wonder if i can continue in that fields or better not? But i kind off feel drive for it. I think i just need a good mentor, mybe by skype or in co-working areas:) And i am aware that i need to learn and work more on my technical skills too:) (don't have much time usually:)).

Sorry for my english, that's not my primary language.

Here's my fb page site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bumblebee-themes/294086374064408?fref=ts

And Behance site: https://www.behance.net/webbie

Please give me some constructive critics (positive/negative feedbecks) :)

Thank you!

some of works i put here..the last two are from protests movement from our country;)