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Portfolio Review


Tony Hardy

Alright everyone, got a favour to ask people.
I've been having a "portfolio crisis" of sorts, in the respect that I've not found any time to get anything new up there, update my site or anything. What I've done is collated my work into a PDF file (really badly, no alignment or anything, no style, nothing I'm proud of) but it's for a quick review purpose.
I'd be grateful if anybody could grab the file (https://www.dropbox.com/s/cm5p6p5d5wknuqy/tony%20work.pdf) and not judge me on the PDF styling haha, and let me know thoughts on what should and shouldn't go in my new CC portfolio?
I need to get this done and wrapped asap as my weak online work is costing me work (I'm sure of it).

Cheers. And that link again;


Staff member
I'm going to comment on some of the designs, because I think some would look better if presented differently and will help explain my order I hope :)
Based on page numbers
2 - not sure this is really the best shot for this, it looks messy to me, dealing with clear stuff is hard
4 - I think it would look better on a plain background
3/5 - they both have the same fundamental look, do you need both of them?
6 - honestly I'd say lose this one, the 'what we do' image looks really poor quality and I know you can do better if you get me
9 - again think it could look stronger on a plain background
11 - not sure about this one full stop, I get the idea but I keep thinking it needs spaces between the words
12 - do not put this one in your portfolio - seriously knife/gun crimes are not a good topic at the moment so having this logo would be a big no no in my opinion.
13 - I get the idea but honestly that logo looks rough because of the signature being like it is. You've got other 'similar' style logos so I'd maybe lose this one
14 - might be worth using this one (or another similar idea) to show the 'development' process
17 - ideally rotate anti clockwise by around 45 degrees if you have the original and you can crop it, it saves me having to rotate my head so much
22 - not really sure where to put this one so left it out
I suppose the order really does depend on what you want to focus on as your main 'product' that you sell. Is it logo/branding, is it websites or even the 'whole package of web and brand'
My suggestion would be below but I'm not even sure that's the best order:
4 (plain background)
9 (plain background)
12 left

Tony Hardy

Hi Levi,

Thanks for the feedback. This isn't how I propose displaying them, these images are just to give a quick overview of each project.
Just going to type out a response as I go;
The "What we do" images on 6, aren't mine ;) Haha!
6 and 9 - yeah, I'll be doing plain background images for all of them.
11 - agree. I don't have enough other stuff for this project to make it rounded enough to be a portfolio entry either.
12- also agree, but it's already up there. So I should probably get rid of that haha!
13 - yes, did you see the site?
14 - agreed. Can make a decent case study for this project.

Focus of portfolio is to be "branding and websites" so, the full brand package.
I think with some of them, I could've used better images to demonstrate.
On the subject, do you think portfolio entries should be separate to case studies? Or should it all be one big piece to show exactly how you arrived to the goods?


Staff member
6 - I figured it wasn't your work but people viewing your site won't know this
What I'm doing on my site is a kind of case study/when can I help 'you' page, it's going to be pretty much written text at the moment (may try and work images) because of ndas but what it will have is 1 or 2 case studies per type of work or target client.
Obviously if you don't have the ndas like I do then you can do it differently showing the 'design process' as a part of your case study.