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Portfolio redesign - Adobe Muse?

Hi all.

Been away for a while as a lot of work found its way to me, and you can't say no, eh?

I'm planning on updating my website soon and considering a redesign. I'm currently using Rapidweaver and a template I built myself using CSS & HTML, back when I was teaching myself this stuff. The site functions (mostly) and although clean I feel it's a bit, boring. To be honest it's a bit of a Frakenestein's monster, with plugin and workarounds to get it to work, and I'm always a bit worried I'm going to break it!

Now, I can buy a nice fully functional template that will work on all devices (I've given up learning code for the time being), or I could take the opportunity to hop on over to Muse. I've looked at Wordpress but jeez-o it's a bit unnecessarily complicated!

What should I use to build my new site? I have professional hosting and don't want to go down the Cargo/Behance route.
Wordpress? Complicated? It's really simple. Just get someone to hide all the menus you don't need and you're set. Simple!

Never tried Muse though, I code all of my designs, and definitely keep with your self hosted idea.


Hey, sorry for the slow reply, but sites aren't built in a couple of days so I thought I might be able to help still.

For starters, if you have professional hosting then I would definitely keep that, do not go with cargo/behance/other.

In terms of code, if it's something you learned a while ago and didn't keep up to date with then I would avoid coding it yourself, because as I'm sure you know yourself, technology moves very quickly and you won't be able to produce something solid enough. Especially as you say you're worried about breaking it! The problem with any site builder, free or commercial, is that it simply doesn't produce clean code, furthermore, it becomes quite difficult to complete specific or less common tasks that are quite simple to achieve for a developer who knows the code.

You already have professional hosting, why not have a professional website to go alongside that and your professional business? Have you considered simply hiring a front end developer to work with on your site? You could probably even find someone to do it for you on a skill trade basis, i.e. he does some work for you, you do some work for him, if money is an issue.
Try Concrete5 or something mate, WP is crazy hard only Dev's understand that shyte - I feel sorry for their clients left to try and figure out why their latest photo ends up in their Blog instead of their gallery lol.


Senior Member
I'm going to be honest. If your not confortable with coding your own website and you want it to be of a high professional standard, then hire someone. I am sure you will learn a thing or two yourself working and collaborating with another designer or developer.

WP is crazy hard only Dev's understand that shyte - I feel sorry for their clients left to try and figure out why their latest photo ends up in their Blog instead of their gallery lol.
I'd probably say that Wordpress is one of the most user friendly and easy to work with CMS's for all types of folk, this includes Users of the CMS, Designers and Developers, I mean it doesn't have over 72,000,000 users for no reason right? Thats around 16% of all websites on the internet (Yes I hear you saying HOLY S**T) pretty awesome huh? Wordpress leads other CMS's by an absolute mile. Next next one down I believe is Joomla sitting at around 2% of websites using it's CMS.

I'd say Wordpress is your best choice on this one mate, if you need to seek anymore advice or would like to chat then drop me an email or call. Hope you get something sorted buddy!
I use WordPress and if you can do front-end coding, you're fine. I'm certainly not a developer and I can figure it out and I've used my own ground-up themes.