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Portfolio/Project Links & Coding?

Right im totally stumped!

I have a portfolio page right? I have thumbnails of my projects, i want people to be able to click 'See Project', what is the best way of tackling this?

I was thinking like PDF's? Or maybe another page dedicated to that project?


Is there a way of creating a hyperlink, and when u click that link, an image expands but using php and not flash?

Yes before you all slate me, i am well out of my depth but i love hurting my brain:p:)




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well don't do a pdf unless necessary.

Not sure what you want to do but look into javascript lightbox scripts or similar
yerr i did initially think pdf would pop up goin 'open with' or 'save as' but then thought if i could get it to instant preview? Lets bypass that crazy idea:p

Anyway @Levi thanks im gunaa check it out now
@Becky yes i am also debating seperate pages. But i am not sure i have enough content to make use of a whole page lol.

I must say quick replies though, love this forum:)



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Hi Sam,

As above, go for a separate page if you have enough information to make it worthwhile, otherwise a simple javascript lightbox will do the trick to bring up a larger image, or some more info & an image. They're all pretty easy to setup and then you can usually customize the look with edits to the relevant CSS file :)

If it's a website project also worth linking to the live site when possible.
Hi Greg,yer i have gone with the new page idea. trying to fill the space as we say.

They are mainly links to logos etc as i havent done any web projects as such as i'm struggling to find people who would like sites designed. It is mainly to build my portfolio up at the moment.

Do you have any recommendations for websites where i can design for people? If you get me lol




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How about a local charity? Offering to re-design/design a new site for them? Or local sports clubs you might be involved with? Always a good place to start to get a project under your belt.
First message to this forum so hi all,

If you want to create and customise your own light box this free to download software is great: visuallightbox.com