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Portfolio Page

If I'm honest I don't really like it, I think it would just look better if you listed the work that you have done, if you look at Greg's site you'll see what I mean, it's simple but it looks awesome :cool:
(how do i subscribe to this?)

you could prob start again dude.
It's visually awkward.

The logos don't really need to be at an angle do they? They would look fine if they were considerately positioned

I think the main reason im not comfortable is cos of the colour scheme.
Why is there a different colour blue after the fold?

The logos of FD? in the background just look messy, is there a reason the F is backwards in the logo? is there a clever reason behind that? (Plz don't say cos it looked good)

how many of you are there in FOD design?

Google some 1 page portfolios or just get some inspiration from others.