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Portfolio name/branding

Hi folks,

Sorry I haven't been posting for a while, I've been busy with college etc. But over the Christmas period, I've been working in Photoshop on my personal online portfolio which will showcase all sorts of stuff from what I do at college as well as what I do in my spare time, such as ceramics, graphics, web design, etc. I have registered ages ago my name which is GemmaWeirs.com (and .me, .name, .org, .net, .info etc as I don't want others having my name online lol). The problem is, just having Gemma Weirs on my portfolio doesn't quite sit right. It's one of these awkward names. So I wondered if you folks had any suggestions about which sounds right to you:

  1. Gemma Weirs Design
  2. Gemma Weirs Designs
Or perhaps some other name that you can think of?



Senior Member
i like just your name, its not generic so its pretty memorable, i think you could stick with just your name, and for things that need it like a business card, put for example, Gemma Weirs graphics,web design and ceramics. if you add design or designs or creative to it and that becomes your title your gonna have to buy all of the gemmaweirsdesigns.com/uk/net/info... as well! also if u use designs people that are looking for ceramics might not put 2 and 2 together!



Junior Member
As mentioned you do have a different, but yet still nice name. So alone it sounds different, I agree with Glen. That slapping useless titles on the end of yours just makes it look very unprofessional.

But for myself i did not simply want a myname.co.uk as with all these about wanted to stand out. I chose to use my initials. DJRDesgins.co.uk mainly because it sounded abit different and because DJ sounded funky haha. So think if you might want to use your initials as a acronym etc.