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Portfolio montage


Senior Member
After waiting for it to load for at least 2 minutes (or as Firefox calls "loading data fromwww.mattsimmondswork.com...)
I got bored and left, sorry. It must be a huge file?

Edit: its 21mb!! Christ I would try and compress that a bit more like...
Over 2 minutes for 21mb!? surely that's a problem with one of our servers?

The data rate's already very low, I'll see if I can get it down a little more without sacrificing quality, but 21mb for a 2 minute film is pretty good.

It's also set to start playing once it's downloaded a certain percentage, so it should at least start after a few seconds?


Active Member
that is brilliant Matt, really enjoyed watching that, very effective and left me with a real good feel for the standard and quality of your work! very nice job!