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Portfolio help. Let me know what you think people!!


Staff member
An intro might have been better before asking for help but my opinion is below none the less :)

If I'm honest it's boring, it doesn't really show any skills that you have. If you look at sites that belong to web designers they show their skills to the fullest, not a site that some one could do pretty easily.

There's also an issue with the bottom in firefox, I can scroll past the grey footer and see the blue background again.


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To quote what I said in your intro thread:

Jimlad said:
Hi Jake, welcome to the forum.

I'm not a web designer, but just looking at your website from an outsider's perspective... I don't think the Orange/Blue/Grey colour scheme works. I also think it would benefit from more time looking at the placement and alignment of the different elements so that they look better together. I assume this is a work in-progress as none of the links go anywhere and everything is Lorem ipsum... get the content before the design.

And I'd lose the drop-shadow on your image. Drop-shadows on photographs look naff more often than not.


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jakelewis1988 said:
ok, thank you i will add an introduction now. I wanted a very simple site, but i will try to spice it up a little.
you can do simple but at the minute it's neither simple or showing off your skills.

Simple is something like Harry's (link) which doesn't have a lot of flashy bits or colour but because of that it works.

Yours at the minute looks like doesn't look simple, it looks like you've tried to inject some style but ended up making it look boring.
Ok I have updated it, mainly the bg colours and the nav a little, let me know if this is better? its still a bit all over the place!! not sure where to put the main h1 tag at the top.
I don't like it, im sorry.
It's not simple and I feel that everything is BIG and overly SPACIOUS.

It's work in progress though so keep going and trying out new ideas... you'll get there.

Nick M

Junior Member
Erm... I like the logo :)

I would do a bit more research and find a site that you like, look at the spacing and typography and learn from it. Decide on an effective palette - there are plenty of sites to help you out.

As is previously stated - you want to showcase your skills as a designer, currently your site does not do that very successfully.