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Portfolio folder- experiences and opinions wanted!


I study Product Design at Brunel University and for my major project I am redesigning the portfolio folder. Many folders on the market right now have not changed for a while now, black, rectangular with a zip and a sleeve.

I am looking for your experiences and opinions on portfolio folders! Do you use them?

When interviewing for a job or simply presenting work out of a portfolio:
Do you prefer to present work digitally or on paper?
What do your interview processes look like?
Do you bring extra work/ materials with you to an interview?

When you're interviewing someone:
Do you prefer to have work presented to you on screen or paper?
What do you look for?

All of your feedback is greatly appreciated so please, get involved!




Staff member
Welcome to DF Paulina.

I used to use one back in the day when almost all of my work was printed.

Haven't used one in years and haven't been for an interview in a long time but the most recent ones I directed people to my web-site and took a flash drive or my lappy with a PDF of work.
With traditional portfolios (not sure if this was done) I thought it would be useful to be able to set it up as a kind of A-board so I could flip the sleeves over the top.


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scotty said:
With traditional portfolios (not sure if this was done) I thought it would be useful to be able to set it up as a kind of A-board so I could flip the sleeves over the top.
Been done, one of mine did this.

Honestly, and this is coming from a product designer, there is a reason a design portfolio hasn't changed much, there isn't too much you can change to make it better for it's purpose - a holder that can present 'paper' based 'work' with the ability to change the work on show as often as needed. Yes there are aspects you can change, the material choice/colour for example but that doesn't necessarily make the 'new design' better than the old one. And I will say it now - both wood and metal versions of the portfolio have been done as well.

As much as most of us old school users still love the tactile nature of a portfolio or even a book there is no getting away from the current progression towards a more digitally orientated presentation of work to clients, admittedly this might result in a printed product in some cases.

If I was to be completely honest here, I'd say your choice (or you tutors) of this for your final project isn't a good one to be working on, it doesn't have the scope of development needed for a final project.


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Hmmm? tending to agree with Levi here in the fact that the portfolio (without some totally radical overhaul) doesn't leave much scope for improvement.
Kind of like re-inventing the wheel.

Maybe a way to incorporate some modern tech such as a place for a tablet but the way technology moves even that could be obsolete within a few years.
Had a portfolio to get into uni and that was that.

I use my iPad now to present work as i can just hand it over to whoever I'm meeting and talk them through the work.

I also hated carting my portfolio around as it was huge. :(

Sean Lee-Amies

What about a case that folds outwards, like a very large fancy leaflet (in a way that doesn't require 10 desks just to fit) or something along those lines? I suppose it does feel like adding it for the sake of it.


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oh magic....it must be an apple product then so... needs to be aluminum and glass, rectangular with rounded corners, use a single button for control and all work must go via the review and certification process prior to adding to folder :)
Ok this is going to sound a little harsh.... If you can't think of something better to do than redesign the portfolio for your major project are you doing the right degree?


Staff member
Maybe you could incorporate the capability to add some tech to it?

A rigid sleeve that you could insert or hold an iPad (there are other tablets available).