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Portfolio fo Art College Admission

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by Dan, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Dan

    Dan New Member

    The below are some of my artwork for my art school admission. The field I want to study is Graphic Design(visual communication). kindly criticize on my artwork. All the opinion, suggestion and thoughts are welcome. Come write something about any of them. I am greatly appreciate. :groove:

    hmm.. I took this photo in the shopping mall and manipulate it with photoshop. I was inspire when i first saw this scene behind my friend. This is purely art for art sake. And not advertising with a purposes. There isn't any message to convey in this design. Basically, I designed it for myself. Maybe it's up to individual creativity to imagine what this design meant to him. So create your own story. hehe! There is no wrong or right answer here. But i still think there are something to improve here.

    Well, i did this during my free time. And wanted to create something that show how i feel about Art. My personal emotion and thoughts are shown inside this work.

    So here goes my short story:
    Of course there is only one main character in the story. His name is Deng Hui. He is a art student who is still searching, experimenting,exploring and undertand the beauty of art. This is the last scene he could visualize. [The image i uploaded]

    Not knowing how and when, he entered his dream and landed here. He was lost and curious. Heart was beating faster and faster as he followed the arrow sign and continued to walk towards the path. He studied the brown map on his right. He started to orientate himself. However, he couldn't find any exit. He only knew that he was inside this deserted park.

    So he decided to follow the path. He was wary in his movement. As he walk he observed the surrounding. He saw many graphics design on the wall, many visual art and typographic. Not so much of color.

    Soon, he waked up from his dream. Immediately, he recalled and understand what he see in his dream. He realized what he visualize is what he see in Art (Graphic design). GD is a type of visual lauguage that is used to convey a message to an audience. It involves creativity, emotional, organisation of visual element to create an effective communication.

    Art express freedom jus like the bird and the butterfly. Everything we see, hear, feel, experience, interact and encounter can be the resource of inspiration. There is infinite inspiration from the surrounding. But we always know which direction we come from and head to. That's where the trace of the bird and butterfly come in. The 'direction' here mean where we got the idea from and working towards the objective.

    How can a 'Cat' text have to do inside a art park? Shouldn't it replace with 'Art'? It makes more sense. You got the point! Deng Hui feel that sometime Art do not have meaning behind it. You do not need to understand it as long as you appreciate the art...You see the beauty as a whole.

    Yup, that's it. I hope after the explaination, it make some sense here.

    I created this website banners for GSYstore company. This banner is uploaded to the respective page to inform the customers what page they are visiting. Each banner design are related to the content of the page.

    This GSY cash voucher was design to promote GSYstore products. To attract customers to purchases more of their products.

    The creation of this T-shirt is inspire by the watersport I join. You can see a dragonboat image below the Passion word. Yes, it's a water sport that i am passionate over.

    Zulu Company- Platoon 1- Section 1- Bed 13. A simple Biography i design during my National service- Basic Military Training Centre

    I created this for Dianne's music concert. A fake one. hehe!

    My dream car Volkswagen The New Beetle. Who say guy can't drive beetle.¿ =)

    Jus a reflection about my past. Event that happen around me and make me today.

    A wallpaper that i created for my teammates as memories.
  2. Harry

    Harry Senior Member

  3. jHouse

    jHouse Senior Member

    English isnt your first language is it?
  4. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    They speak 4 languages in Singapore... Can't imagine it's easy to speak all 4 fluently :rolleyes:

    About your work, you have some good work in there but also some work which is not what I would use to get into college. The Z113 and My Footprint are definitely the peaks of your line-up.
  5. Dan

    Dan New Member

    I have posted to some forum that i have joined. And hope to collect as much constructive comments and opinion as possible. So i can improve on my work. I am quite worried and stress because i know i do not have a strong foundation for Art. But i wanted to study in this field so much. =/
  6. Dan

    Dan New Member

    Sorry for my bad writing. I am bad in my English. I write what i think very fast. Thus, there is grammar errors and sentences constructing problem. This is what we call Singlish. ¿

    Onartis, you visit S'pore before? How do you know about it.:D Anyway, i am only able to speak English, Chinese and my dialect Hainan. Understand a lil bit of Malay.
    I am trying very hard to improve my work. But i know i am still lacking alot of basic requirement, principle of Art and theory stuff. Hai.... Anyway, thank for the feedback.
  7. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    Nah... I read Jack's post, looked at your location and I immediately wondered what people spoke in Singapore. So I quickly checked Wikipedia :p
  8. Dan

    Dan New Member

    oic. haha.
  9. Dan

    Dan New Member

    Here's the changes. Which one do you choose?


  10. br3n

    br3n Senior Member

    The font and positioning is whats wrong in both of those peices. Dan I would suggest picking out 5 or less peices for your portfolio, show the ones which best reflect you.

    You cant learn to be creative.
    But you can learn the tools that enable you to show your creativenes.

    Have fun in what you do and don't worry about it, your not suposed to be fantastic/professional when you enter college, it would be pointless going otherwise. The only important thing for you at the moment is your passionate about what your doing and know where you want to go. That is the only thing that matters in this industry.
  11. Dan

    Dan New Member

    okay. thank
  12. pangolin

    pangolin Member

    The perspective on this is wrong - maybe it's intentional, but to me it looks odd, as if the back part of the car is floating off the road. If the car is meant to be driving down the road or parked, the road should be travelling in the same direction as the car, i.e. from the bottom right corner to about the middle of the lefthand side. Otherwise, if you're trying to achieve the look of the car parked at an angle on a straight road (going from foreground to background), I think the angle of the road needs to be a look shallower if that makes sense. Unfortunately can't do a quick image of what I mean as I'm at work

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