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Portfolio feedback please

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by alilalala, May 18, 2011.

  1. alilalala

    alilalala New Member


    Looking for feedback on my work. I know the website its self is not great (done in weebly), it is just temporary until I brush up my dreamweaver skills so I am more just looking for feedback on the actual work on there.

    is this the type of work you expect to see form someone apply for junior positions?

    Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks, Ali
    Last edited: May 18, 2011
  2. spottypenguin

    spottypenguin Active Member

    I like it, i especially like your British Museum stuff.

    BUT thoose shaker t-shirts look very, very phallic :icon_biggrin:

    Way to go though :icon_thumbup:
  3. TheNoone

    TheNoone Member

    I like the Guiness advertising. I think that's your strongest piece and I love the idea behind it!
  4. I have seen loads of this type of stuff - your lecturer sets the brief and the hole class turns out the smart car, stamps etc. Its not bad design but as en employer, I have to say just do your own stuff and show that before you show any formulated design fair.

    Anyone on hear back me up?

    Its fair to say you have to start some-ware, but if you want to get a GD job - think and be a little bit more creative.

    I'm sure I will get shot down in flames, but its honest at least. You have a flair post a new PDF portfolio and do a business card for the the shakers, a magazine ad for a bear (just the top .02% will ever get near a Guinness ad), leave the British Music in, and then some real stuff - even if its only for mates.

    Offer some free design to local business's - then use what works, they will sharp tell you and you will sharp learn.

    I promise you I see loads of PF that look the same - in my neck of the wood its a set of stamps, I've been in business 8 years and the Royal Mail have never once asked me to design a set of stamps. you design a A5 flyer for the local subway franchise and your a hole lot more valuable as this has more of a chance of actually happening.

    Don't want to rain on the parade but you did ask.
  5. Kie@ownbeat

    Kie@ownbeat New Member

    Agree with much of the above but I would add the caveat that it depends on the size of the agency and the sort of work you're seeking. For example, larger agencies may be happy with a graduate who shows conceptual flair and can work as part of a design team. Smaller businesses who will rely on you perhaps solely as their GD, account manager, tea maker, will need someone who demonstrates an ability to produce work that is more 'real world'. Ultimately that's where a lot of the work is so it wouldn't be a bad idea to show a capacity to produce the kind of bread and butter collateral small printing companies turn out on a daily basis.

    With that in mind then, I'd second the idea of getting some real world examples added into the portfolio via pro-bono work. I think it also helps you talk with more confidence about the process of working with a client too, rather than just concept and execution. With pro-bono you can to an extent cherry-pick to ensure you're able to keep creative freedom too- unsurprisingly there are plenty of clients who'll want free work done so try and stir up interest on things that really light your fire - Joe Bloggs Plumbers can wait until he's paying!

    All that said, I think your work is good and you have flair. Best of luck with the portfolio and the job hunting!

  6. Some good points made Kie. Bob the Builder doesn't make me rich but its still business but you cant beat working on and producing something special for a really good client.
  7. alilalala

    alilalala New Member

    thanks so much for all the feedback, nice to hear some of my work out there is looking ok and really great to have the constructive criticism, gives me a direction to work towards now uni is over.

    Don't worry about raining on my parade :) I appreciate honesty and the only way I am going to improve and get a job is by seeking advice and opinions of people who have been doing this a lot longer than me.

    As I said I really appreciate people taking the time to have a look at my work and reply, hopefully in a couple of weeks I can return with a new improved version :)

    If anyone else has any others points/areas they think I should be working on/changing will be happy to hear.

    Thank you
  8. pcbranding

    pcbranding Member

    Ali - Hello.
    I like your folio. It is simple, clean and nicely presented. I often visit the sites on here and have a nose through and not many keep my interest (for what that's worth!)

    Sure, the projects are typical college projects and everyone that has been through that process will appreciate that and remember the projects they did on a similar vein.
    I agree that the next step is to create 2-3 pieces of work which should be based on real briefs. But don't include any old pizza flyer in your book just because it was a 'real' job. Unless it's a pizza flyer that really pushes the norm. (Perhaps there's a self-initiated project right there...?)

    A folio should show thinking and reflect the way you work. I remember during O' levels, that we were told that maths wasn't solely about the final answer and it's how you got there/'the working out' process that gets you marks.
    Much can be said for design. A possible employer should be happy to see/hear the thought process. A lot of the time good conceptual work often finishes slightly/very diluted from the original and yet the thinking is still valid.
    Understanding 'real' needs comes from working out there and doesn't just appear.

    Good luck with everything. Email me if I can help.
    Paul Cartwright
  9. alilalala

    alilalala New Member

    Thanks so much for your help Paul, the part I found most useful was where you mentioned employers might be interested in hearing to process/concept also. Talking about my work was something I struggled with throughout uni so it is really something I can work on and build my confidence at while i'm job hunting. If I get an interview I will hopefully be able to speak confidently about my work f I practice.

    Really appreciate such a detailed reply, thank you

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