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Portfolio feedback please


Senior Member
Looks nice at first glance. I'd say your columns are a little wide and it kinda merges in to one big block. I'd make the Reset and Send buttons smaller - they're bigger than the main nav so they look a bit off. I also think the Boring Stuff could be worked on more - the formatting of that is a bit all over the place! :) Your bullets at the top look strangely indented - kinda too far?

Nice use of Danube by the way ;)
Thanks for the imput, all valid points which i will be sure to try work on :)

The Logo isnt actualy Duanbe :p but after looking at what duanbe is, it looks remarcably similar

as for the boring stuff text, its meant to look handwritten, thats why the formatting if off, this was not done deliberately, but once i typed it, it seemed to look nice, I will probably re work this tomoro :)
I think you should add some sort of division in the footer much like how you separated the header from the body content. Just a slight drop shadow to separate the "boring stuff" from the body because it seems like it has too much space down there and the boring stuff to me seems a bit awkward just floating. If you had that divider I think it would tie it all together.

The rest looks good, I actually kind of prefer the solid white background in the header in comparison to the cracked texture of the second version but that is just a personal thing...the new logo looks great though.
Just had a peek at your portfolio design, Am liking it !

I have to agree with jHouse, the send and reset buttons are a bit big but apart from that I like it! :D


Senior Member
AaronMoody said:
Hmm, still to close ? I personaly think there ok now, maybe too far apart, but il try re working them, thanks for the input :)
Close?? I meant the indent. The tab is MAHOOSIVE.


On the home page, those bullets still have too much of a left margin on them...they need to be pushed over closer to the left side (in the welcome area).

On the portfolio piece sub page I think you have too much spacing between the website header and the page header.