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Portfolio: Digital vs Hardcopy


Junior Member
Which is preferred?
I have a portfolio - big black zip up folder - with my work in at university still which I've yet to retrieve, but I'm wondering whether that's really necessary to have today when applying for jobs?
I have a website which acts as a portfolio, a Behance account, and then I have an iPad with various pieces on. Is it necessary for me to have an actual tangible portfolio to slug around with me, or are the others enough? I can use my iPad to take to interviews etc. if needs be.

Tony Hardy

I think you can get by on just the iPad [color=#ff0000;](or any other high quality tablet such as the nexus 10 or ms surface - Levi's 1st edit) [/color]these days. Although a structured creative physical portfolio is always nice to see!


Staff member
Personally I think it's good to have both.
DIgitial is great for online and in some cases a slate but do check the company you are visiting first, not all of them allow you to take in a device with a camera or your own hardware etc due to the work that they do or nda's.
In my experience, if you are applying for a position as a web designer/developer, employers want to see your works online. If you are applying for a position as a graphic designer (both digital and traditional), a paper portfolio is appreciated. If you need the portfolio for your freelance activity, it depends on what you are specialized in. Many customers tend to be more impressed by iPad portfolios than paper ones. It gives them the impression that you are an up-to-date professional.