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Portfolio Design Feedback


Junior Member
Hey Everyone!
I Hope this is the perfect forum for getting feedback for my folio.
I'm an upcoming web designer (with no industry experience) who's looking for feedback with my folio to hopefully land a internship job somewhere.

I know it's not 100% complete yet. I have work to do on the about page content and other little things, but if you could give me feedback with what's there at the moment I would greeeaatlyyy appreciate it! Criticism, suggestions & compliments are all welcome! I guess I'm just wondering if it will be enough to land an internship or a junior position.

Here is my site: Home | jpatrolla

Appreciate your time for reading!
I love the way how you slide through your navigation.
As for when it comes to the showcasing of the content, it seems to be getting a bit out of balance unless you intent to get a lesser case study to go along with the pics when it's done :)

Paul Murray

Staff member
Not a fan if I'm honest.

  • The landing page is dull and doesn't look finished. Why not just "cut to the chase" straight away and have your work or something on the landing page?
  • The uppercase typography is hard to read
  • I'm not really sure what "WEB . GFX . IMG . FOOD" means?
  • I'm not really interested in the equipment you use, just show me what you can do.
  • Using Google Chrome on Mac OSX, if I highlight any text it causes a 'break' in the header.

I do like the sliding effect though, and this is one tasty looking sandwich...