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Portfolio Critique



Your navigation needs to be much more pronounced. It feels hidden away as if you don't want people to know it's there. More importantly than that you need to label each navigation icon, it's not enough to rely on people hovering over an image to find out where it goes.

Did you develop this website yourself, as in hand wrote all the code? If so you need to put more emphasis on website development and less on design.

In general the website feels rather empty, your work page needs some more content and you need to make it so the thumbnails display some of what they are going to be viewing. There isn't really much to entice me into clicking those dull grey boxes.

I think you could utilise your secondary colour much more effectively and liven up the site a bit if you maintained the dual colour scheme like you have on the home page, instead of only using colour as a hover effect.

I don't like that advertisement in the bottom left. Yes I noticed it and so will everyone else and they will wonder why you can't afford £5 a month to host your website properly!

The home page feels very professional but it needs more content. Unfortunately for me the professional feeling I get on the home page is somewhat lost on the subsequent pages.


Junior Member
Thanks for the feedback.

I did do the whole site myself althogh the jquery code was already made and I edited it to what I wanted. Eg changed the speed of the scroll and set the page sizes to the percent of the resolution rather that actual pixels.

I agree that the page with my work on needs more on it but at the moment I have little experience. I have also had little to work with on most of my sites Iin terms of layout colours etc. I am mow looking for more work and to build my portfolio and experience.

At the moment I am working under an apprenticeship wage which is very little and after paying to run a car etc doesn't leave me with with any money spare to pay for hosting although this should change over the next couple Of months.

I'm still working on the portfolio and have lots to change so I'll have a look at the points you've made and try and keep it professional throughout and more appealing



I look forward to seeing the updated version, it currently has a lot of potential. Send me a PM or email me when you get around to hosting your site as I am a web host reseller. I can host your site for you or find you a very cheap package if you want to administrate it all yourself.