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Portfolio Content


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While I have a good idea of how I want my portfolio to look, what I want to do with it, how I want to build it

I am stumped about the way I should write and phrase the content for the best results.

Any of you lovely people have advice OR links.

The portfolio is for a pair (me and a friend) of web "designers"...
which gives me difficulty in how I should word things, aswell as not knowing whether to differentiate between the pair of skills without using speech marks (but fear that it would give a very bad effect)


Staff member
Berry, rennicks is basically wanting us to write the text for his(+1) website for him :p

rennicks - have you got a company name or anything as it might be better to use the company name when referencing who you are, rather than mr a or mr b (unless you are on an about page)


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Haha, definitely didnt want it written for me :) just some direction with writing, hence requesting advice or articles :p not tailor made responses...

Yeh, I assumed as much but wondered if I should differentiate between the two different skill sets or just advertise the combined skills as a company.

And whether anyone had any other tips etc. when they came to writing their portfolio content, everyones on here that I've seen is quite different...


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well you could do what some other companies do and do an about us page and then have a section about mr a and mr b, this could say what your design backgrounds are and the areas of expertise that each of you bring.

PS - don't take any notice of my website and it's content, it's all being changed to be more SEO friendly (and restyled) as it's currently pretty crap.


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Think you should write in 3rd person rather than saying "we are..." etc. You could just write down the basics first and maybe get someone to help you (who isn't part of the site) to help you write it about you two.

I'm having similar trouble with my website 'cos mine will just be a portfolio website at first, but my "vision" is to set it up as a business and maybe employ people in the future!


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Hay Renniks,
On-line is different than writting offline you have to write for the user not to glorify yourself or your company so ignore we's and I's It's more you's and your's if you get me.

As in not we offer this by doing.....
But You can have confidance that all your needs will be met.

Basically you are hitting personas.
Now there are, I think, 4 differnet types.
Conservative, liberal, not sure on the other 2 at the mo.

But each personna will react differently to language so depending on your main customer base you need to write for the right one to convert more clients.

For example liberals will want more board kinds of texts and wording to have confidence in your bussiness, we have a huge amount of clients, but no client lists they just take your word more padding of text that sort of thing basically, conservatives will want hard facts and strong wording like you wont be let down, our work is always completed on time and to a high standard etc..etc...for them to have faith in your site, less spelling mistakes, right punctuation that sort of thing.

I'll have to lookup the others when I have time but guess it's an area I could do with refreshing on as well TBH.

Have you all ready written some example text?
If you have put it up and then we can help you futher in our opinions on how it should sound.