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Portfolio CMS

Any recommendations for a Content Management System I can use (preferably free) to display my work on my site? Something like ember, only... on my own site.



Active Member
Hi Lloyd,

Welcome to DF! Not heard or seen Ember before, have a few suggestions but they might not be exactly what you're after. Assuming you have your own web hosting available;

  • There's quite a few portfolio style themes available for Wordpress, somewhere like Woo Themes has a good selection that may be suitable as a starting point/temporary home?
  • Indexhibit pops up for designers now & again, it is a very basic layout/style, but if it's just to show your work off.
  • There's also a new even simpler alternative to Indexhibit I've seen a few times, called StaceyApp it may fit the bill, there's a few nice examples on their 'in use' page.
  • Another alternative, this time "an alternative to Wordpress", Tumblr, it may well fit the bill for posting work and bits of inspiration, etc.
Hope that helps, sure some other members will have suggestions too :)
I already use Wordpress for my blog itself (tumbleweed-central.. but I plan to revive it sometime soon, when I get the time!). I'm aware that there are themes available for it, I was just exploring the alternatives! Tumblr certainly looks interesting. Thanks Greg.

Well, Ember is freely available for me to use. I was trying it out, that's why I'm here asking for alternatives...