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Portfolio/Blog Site


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Hi guys,

A couple of months ago I finally launched my personal portfolio/blog site. There's still lots I want to do to it but I'm happy with it so far and I'm pleased to have finally got it live after about 4 years of wanting to get a site up.

The site is built from the ground up, I decided early on I wanted to use the whole experience to learn more about the nuts and bolts of back end development, so I coded the whole portfolio/blog system from scratch. A back end developer gave a bit of direction every now and then but it's 95% my code.

Anyway, feel free to head over and if you have any thoughts on the site at all please don't hesitate to comment.

Thanks all.

This answer might be overdue, but someone had to say something :p I really like your site, grate work.

It might just be me but for some reason it took me a second to adjust to the hover effect on the thumbs, at first the text kind of mixed with the image in those with white background, but again it might just be me not expecting it.

Also perhaps stepping too much out my territory I would point out that you write perhaps too extensively in the main page. Considering that you expect a visitor to follow the path you set for them it might take them too long to get to the contact form, which is the point I think. Perhaps hiding some content waiting to be raveled on user demand could help. I am not an expert in this area, at the end your analytics will probably give you a better idea.

Last thing I would say is that you have placed your social media links twice in the bottom of the page when once would probably have the same effect. Perhaps it would benefit you to separate them and place one group on top of the page, or following scrolling, and keep the big buttons with he contact form as is.

Last I would point out that your big social icons are maybe too big for some devices. When scaling down the window there are stages in which these button are 500px wide, and might fill the entire screen on mobile devices. If you want people to see them all after sending you a message they should be a bit smaller so they can all be accessible without scrolling the page. Perhaps a few more media queries to add more scaling steps can help.

Overall I think you did a grate job, and I hope you don't take my feedback to mean anything different, it is juts some thoughts for your consideration.

I am currently in a similar place. I am trying to start working freelance in a new country, trying to figure out what the best approach would be. I was going to ask a few questions about my site to that effect when I found your post, and I got the perfect chance to procrastinate :p

Take care and hope your current and future projects meet and exceed your expectations.

Best regards