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Poker website


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Hi Recapture,

Firstly, have you considered the legalities of developing and I assume running a poker website? if your based in the UK, the law is a minefield surrounding online betting and gambling. As for your design....

I would strongly suggest you take a look at the poker and betting websites that already exist online for some general guidance and direction in which you should be looking to take your design and for some comparison with what you have designed so far. On top of that I would also recommend checking out some other designers work, CSS Mania | The largest CSS showcase in the world is a good place to start.

Once you have digested the above, think about a re-design imho.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.
Yes. I agree with Geoff (Sunburn). The design has no real thought and does not follow any sort of navigation or structure style.

As he mentions check out other poker sites. I work on a major name poker site on a daily basis and your design is way off compared. If you make any progress let us see it would be good to track progress on your project.
I'm aware of the licenses and regulations along with it etc - which will be a task to over come.
Thanks for the feedback. I tried for a royal feel, so red style.
@Glen - May I ask which one? I looked at FullTilt, PKR, PokerStars and the ever growing facebook one, I believe they are top names in Poker especially FullTilt which is slowly taking PokerStars audience. They all seemed to follow a web 2.0 theme, with black background and red offsets - the lined background is also a taken idea from FullTilt, obviously I didn't directly copy as I had a pattern.