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Podcasts for 2014 - What you should be listening to

Hi Guys,
Hope you are all well!
It's a long time since I did a post as i've have been extremely busy with my new business. I'm trying to get into the habit of posting on a more regular basis onto the forums as most of my time is spent on social networks.
So, to kick start, I just wanted to share this to you.
Podcast for Web Designers, Developers and Business People - The ones you should listen to in 2014


I listen to most of the podcasts on this list, they are exceptional and full of great information!

Some things you should consider

  • Have ever note open (or a pen and pad if your old school) ready to take notes even if you are working away and listening to the podcast
  • Add mentioned folks from the podcast on social networks and discuss things with them, they are always happy to chat
  • Start discussions and share the podcasts
  • Put your opinion's forward, start discussions about a podcast on forums such as this one
I hope you all enjoy. Have a great new year and see you all in 2014!