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please take a look at my portfolio


Junior Member
Hi all, I've made a portfolio blog to help me promote my freelance designs services. It vary from graphic, product, and interior design. I see that there are many designers in this forum. So I was wondering if I can get any feed back from you all just click on the link here

thanks to you all
Not a massive fan of the layout or general use of Blogspot, for some reason I don't think it feels right as a showcase of work.

The spelling/grammar on the "all about designs - for those who needs any kinds design services, we can answer your needs" is poor which is the first thing that strikes me and would probably turn me away.

I'm not too keen on the navigation through to the portfolio pieces either. Once you actually get through to the work though I think that you have some nice pieces so if you can find a way of showcasing them better then it would work I feel.


Staff member
It just looks like a generic blog with 'design' pictures and as such doesn't work well. Also can't see any product or interior design work, it's all illustrative/graphic in my opinion.

dedwardp - I'd say English isn't the the op's first language as some of the work is indonesian etc. Having said that seeing bla bla bla is not really a good first impression either.