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Please review New automobile search engine OOYYO

Hi guys, I work for a new used cars search engine - OOYYO, and I would like to hear what you think about it.
So please give us your feedback.
URL is ooyyo.com


Senior Member
my honest opinion is that there's too many links in such a small place, you just dont know where to click.

it also looks way too much like google, like you're trying to feed off their reputation, which sucks.

if you set your own trends and your own originality i think you're likely to get much further, at the moment it just looks like you cant look professional without basically stealing someone elses ideas.

it all looks a bit odd to me (safari 4.0.4 mac), there are buttons higher than search query boxes, there are three lots of links for basically the same thing and there are varying sizes of text all over the place.

i do like the fact however that you can refine your search to colour, etc, but i think refining which country you want to search should be a drop down box not a list of 30 odd countries.

hope this helps,

Note taken, thanks Tim. Version 3 will be out soon, late Feb. It will address all of the above mentioned issues. Keep your comments coming guys. :up:


Has google attempted to take you to court yet over the obvious design copy you've made? :)


Staff member
Just curious as to why we would bother using that site.

Google is currently integrating car sales into their search results (linked to maps too iirc), we have auto trader (uk) and then theres ebay. I couldn't even remember the name of your brand by the time I got this part of my reply so it's not working on that level either when compared to more established companies out there.

I agree with tim in regards the rest of it.

Alex L

Senior Member
I don't think you'll get much via word of mouth with that name either.

I can't pronounce it. On the off chance wanted to tell someone about the site, I would have to say go to:

oh oh why why oh.com

Not very memorable name.

I won't go over the other points that have been said.

Good luck with the site.