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Please review my new child


Junior Member

I am quite new in this business and absolutely fresh on this forum. I just need some expert's consultation about my new website. Is there something I can change, improve, replace, remove...

I like it, it's low-key, to-the-point... actually, one of the things I like best is the person who've done the copy, it's well-written and does what it should: say "you just leave to us" instead of saying "omzg I'm so gooood!".

I like 90% of the site. Miiight be a tad too girly, but it's ok for me, just keep it in mind. What do need work is the logo. If you really want a script-type, then it should at least connect so it works like script is supposed to :up:


Senior Member
Im going to take a guess and say you didnt do the illustrations? I'm not sure thats acceptable for a design portfolio, I dont understand why the header text is outside/above the main content space - it doesn't look correct to me.

Going back to my point on the illustrations, you offer "unique" design services and yet use stock imagery. I dont think it suits the site either, it looks like an "attempt to be coperate" yet remaining playful - something hard to achieve and doesn't work in this example.

Its strange to target such a niche as B&B websites as well... Not convinced.


Active Member
Don't like the main namestyle typography, Coupled with the twee illustration it make it 'girly' as electricalyce said. If this is aimed to get business from people like BB's then leave any personal touches out and understand the person you are aiming at, they will more than likely be 40-60 age, C1,C2. With no sense of style and need solid design that will reflect increased business for them. Think business conversion, not personal taste.