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Please Review Client's Website 2

We have another bicycle company's website to redesign: SK Bikes. This is a relatively new company, 6 years old. But before we actually start the process, I request you fellow forum members to visit the site and tell me what you feel is wrong with the website.

You'd notice that the company's logo isn't too modern. Also, there is more of text & less of products. This is what I noticed 1st hand.

Please give your critiques on the Design aspect of the site. Your criticism will be highly appreciated as it will help us re-design the site in best possible manner.

Link to the website : Here



Senior Member
im all for helping each other out here on DF, and I often ask for feedback myself on my work, but this sounds like you just wants us to do your work for you! Surely you as the web designer need to identify to the client the negative aspects of their site and how you will address them. Isnt that why they hired you in the first place?
Seems a bit lazy to me.
Dave, I don't want you to do my job for me. My apologies if my way of asking was wrong.
I have found a few design & content problems regarding the site. And am using firebug & W3C Validator for the coding parts.
However, I'd still like you to tell me what you think is wrong with the site. From a layman's point of view, they don't notice anything as such. But as a designer, I am sure you aren't too please with the website, are you?
Would appreciate if you could give me even a few points so I keep that in mind while re-designing.
Again, not being lazy. Nothing wrong with asking for a few suggestions from fellow members...
Guys, when I had posted that I am re-designing my own website & had posted here for reviews & critiques, I got a LOT of helpful replies. Don't know why this is happening now...


Staff member
DesignMyBox said:
Don't know why this is happening now...
Because what you are asking for now is part of the process of redesigning a site, something you are getting paid for when we are not.

We don't mind critiquing final works or work in progress but we won't do what is a fundamental aspect of this brief for you when it is paid work. Critiquing a portfolio site is not the same as doing your work for one of your clients.

Oh and theres a lot more to making good web code than just running it via a validator and firebug......


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I dont want to come across as grumpy or negative, (I really enjoy the feedback aspect of DF and I have benefited greatly from others in the past)

I think the issue is that you are want us to give you a list of pro's and con's so you can base your new design on that, when really it is down to the designer to decide what he/she thinks needs improving.

If you redesigned the site yourself I would be more than happy to give you feedback on your design (as would all of the DF members, thats what the forum is here for)

At the moment you sound as if you want to crowdsource opinion to make your life easier. That is very different from getting feedback to improve your own skills and knowledge.
I'll have to agree with Dave and Levi here.

Why not give the re-design a go yourself, post it up here for feedback, and then we'll be more than happy to give you our opinions on it. :up:


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Ok, Ill try this...

I'm a bike person, I ride a bike instead of driving a car, I ride a bike instead of walking.

And not one aspect of that site appeals to me. It's to generic, there is no reflection of the brand in the site.

This look really unprofessional, and it looks tagged into the corner of the site.

Welcome :: Fox Europe

Mountain Bikes | Road Bikes | Cycling Accessories & Clothing | Raleigh

both good examples of bike company websites. This is what you are competing with.

Also, flash is fast becoming a no no in terms of design. Whilst it all moves in a very flashy style, you could probably achieve something similar which would be far more effective across browser platforms with javascript. (someone who understands back end stuff confirm this for me)

Pros, it loads and has pictures of bikes on there.
Okay guys, I heard you all. My apologies for the offense. I will work on the site myself and when I have started working on it, I will keep updating for your reviews.
Thanks for the insight.