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Please rate my portfolio site


Junior Member
Hi anyone and everyone,

I think I've stared at this tweaked it for so long I suddenly have decided it might not be all that good or I've gone mental... Just looking at all the portfolio sites on here I think maybe I shouldn't have kept it as simple as I have.

Any feedback would be good, design, code, SEO - anything, having a crisis on confidence it seems.


Oh if you have an iphone, try it on that and check the iphone version also if you can be bothered.

I couple of things to consider - main nav, should I use some icons maybe?
Flash on home page - are the images loading in okay? It is dynamic you see. Page load time - too long? I think Streamline.net have put me on the a shared server with a lot of traffic...grrr




Senior Member
check your alignment.

also, i like the site and the colours you've introduced, but the logo seems a little fat for the skinny text that follows on....


Junior Member
Ha! On another forum the colours didn't go down very well! I take your point about the logo, I 'm going to have a look at that I think.

By alignment you mean? The header (logo and text) in relation the main content?



Senior Member
The coloured bar is all in your face and kind of random. Other than that it's a decent site, nothing special. The box however is very nice, very original ;)
ya the coloured bar makes me think of the awesome comic sans poster than got posted yesterday, its very random and not very pleasing on the eye.

As well as the aforementioned stark contrast between the logo font weight and the navigation looking for plain in comparison. The site's good, I like it, but the header doesn't do justice to the rest of it

(loving the lil box and the coloured swirls :D)


Junior Member
I like it but I would darker the body container - too much contrast between that and the background colour.

Also I'm not sure if this is just my screen but the contact link doesnt fit on the same line as the other links. It drops down and starts a new line and looks kinda wrong.

But its cool ^^