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Please Critique Web Design Mockup

Hey Guys!

This is a website on Islamic Books. It's an online library. I want the following kinds of moods to influence the visitor.

Religious, dominating, bold, sophisticated, modern, scholar, books, intellectual, learning, library


Here is the flat design version of the same mockup



Staff member
Sorry but we can't really leave too much feedback because it's in Arabic and well being a UK forum a majority of us use English as our primary language.
the biggest change i'd make is your colour scheme, simply because you've tagged the words "bold" and " dominating" and the beige background does not strike me as either.
As for your aesthetics, theyre very basic but considering the theme of the website your approach may the job done, however it's usually in a designer's best interest to make something stand out so that's something for you to consider :)