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Please critique my Portfolio Website Wireframe

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by Omer Sipra, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Omer Sipra

    Omer Sipra Member

    Hi Guys!

    I have created the wireframe of my portfolio website. I want feedback from you. This website represents a Front end Developer.

    Target Audience: Small Business Owners looking for serious, organized, minimalistic design solutions.

    Keywords: Serious, Simple, Exciting, Creative, Determined, Elegant, Positive, Impressive, Thinking, Pondering, Depth, Accurate, Precision, Intellectual, Trustworthy
  2. Omer Sipra

    Omer Sipra Member

  3. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Few things I noticed;

    1. Hero banner

    What's happening here? The placement of "Think, Design…" is very awkward and is likely to be overlooked as it comes after the images. What will these images be? I don't know what you're trying to do with this section here. See below.

    2. Navigation

    It appears the section on the right is for navigating through this page, and the left navigation is for navigating across the site. This is very confusing, both in terms of layout, but also just general user journey as you have both "Work" and "Portfolio" which essentially mean the same thing in this case. I'd just have a single navigation, something like;

    About | Recent Work | Contact | Blog

    Keep it simple, do you really need a FAQs page? I have one on my own site and I honestly don't think it's viewed that often. Notice the order too, I'd reposition the sections on the site to match this. Open with a hero section about you (the site is about you, so tell people who you are straight away), lead into your work, then provide them with the contact form.

    3. Image slider

    I would't recommend sliders nowadays, it's been proven that users generally only see the first two slides on average and ignore the rest as they scroll past, often because they don't realise there is more content to come.

    There's a chance users will click through all/most of your work here, but you're putting obstacles in the way and forcing them to take action. Users scan content and if they don't see what they want/something they like they'll leave. Consider using thumbnails to display more of your work at once. You'll also need some text content on there for context and SEO.

    4. Articles

    The excerpt/text content here features too much text and the line length is far, far too long to be comfortable to read. Shorten the word count and reduce the width of the column to make it easier to read.

    5. No footer.

    You could use a footer to provide additional information to a user (contact details, social media, etc) and also give them options of where to navigate to next. Think about users using tablets and mobiles to view your work. Chances are they using their thumbs to click links at the bottom of the screen, so give them something to click!
  4. Omer Sipra

    Omer Sipra Member

    1. My plan is to place GIF images here for the work flow of my projects. In these images , my brief work flow of projects from start to finish will be shown here. Ok I will change the position of the text.

    2. Because I want to attach a blog to the portfolio, I need two menu bars to address different items. One for the portfolio page and second for the blog site with multiple pages. To avoid having too many menus, what I want to do is that when the user clicks on Portfolio, the portfolio website as well as it's menu on the right appears. However, when the user clicks on the Blog link, the page and menu changes appropriately. I wanted to avoid palletes for my menu links but I guess I have to add them and make the menu simple.

    3. Ok I will replace the sliders with large size wider thumbnails.

    4. Ok I will correct the Articles line length. Actually it was a rough wireframe to get the feel. There are many tweaks and details which I have to work on like footer, article page, comment section, page not found etc.
  5. Omer Sipra

    Omer Sipra Member

    Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.
  6. Omer Sipra

    Omer Sipra Member

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