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Please critique my client's website mockup solution

I have designed the mockup of my client's website namely Islamic Uloom. I want some feedback. The purpose of this site is to portray Islamic knowledge through modern techniques like Natural Language Processing. I have re designed the site. Here is the mockup

1 en-desktop-default-mockup-03-03-03.jpg 1 en-desktop-default-mockup-03-03-03.jpg 2 ar-desktop-default-mockup-03-03.jpg 3 ur-desktop-default-mockup-03-03-03.jpg 4 en-grammer-mockup-02.jpg 5 en-grammer-mockup-full-menu-02.jpg 6 ur-grammer-mockup-02-02.jpg 7 en-tafsil-mockup-05-05.jpg 8 ar-tafsil-mockup-05-05-05.jpg 9 ur-tafsil-mockup-05-05-05-05.jpg 10 ur-tarjuma-mockup-06.jpg