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Please Advise on Web Page Design

Hello there))

Our team has been trying to promote our E-Bay design services, and I would like to hear your opinion on the design of our promotion page - http://www.storetemplates.org/ebay-offer/
Whether you are a designer with experience, who can make some suggestions, or a customer, who can give feedback, on whether this page speaks to you, I would greatly appreciate all help I can get.
Project Manager at

If I was to purchase any design based product from someone, I would really need to see more of their work or examples. Your website looks great but lacks image proof of what you can do in my opinion.

Paul Murray

Staff member
There's a lot of text that I'm not interested in reading (and an awful lot of it appears to be repeated – that "Get a quote" graphic for example).

As mentioned, without any actual proof of what you can do, that webpage will struggle to convert customers. As designers we get hired to produce work that's in our portfolio, so get some in there!