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Placing images in InDesign???

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I am putting together a large catalogue and placing a lot of small thumbnail sized images into an ID document. (ususally between 23-57mm wide)

I have shot the images and resized in photoshop using the correct bicubic sharper, and made sure they are at 300dpi then saving as a TIFF.

In the document some of the pics are still pixelated on screen and at print after being placed in. Its not the display performance and I have checked overprint preview. Some of the images just don't seem to want to be resized.

Could it be something to do with TIFF settings?

Am I doing something wrong????:confused:


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Is it a legal version of indesign? sorry to ask, but I have heard of cases where something similar has happened with pirated copies.


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Thats done nothing im afraid.

I really cannot see where im going wrong. Do you have to apply any image compression or alter the pixel order?? (I am quite rusty with TIFFs)


how about making the images just straight PSD files instead, InDesign is fine with using PSD files which would keep the quality up :)
Yes, always always always check the links!

I can't tell you how many times a client has sent me a lone InDesign file (done by a previous designer) wanting me to "modify" it so that they can send it for printing...
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