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PHP or Javascript

Hi guys I'm looking to expand my skillset with the help of Lynda.com and I would like your comments on which would be better to learn first, with the idea in mind that both will be learned eventually. I'd like to hear what you guys have to say, and why?

PHP or Javascript?
I suggest you to use php.net for reference, and to study the examples they offer, and test what you find there, etc.
So you're saying learn PHP first? What are the pros and cons of this, are there any similarities between the two languages that im going to benefit from PHP first? PHP seems like a bigger, tougher language to learn which is why I was thinking of learning JS first.
Learn PHP first.

Dynamic web pages, javascript implements into PHP.
A massive addition to all HTML websites.
Widely accepted.
Free to learn by PHP.net

Requires a server running PHP along with some form of stand eg apache.
Takes longer than HTML to learn.
Can be confusing.