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PhotoshopERS its for you - How is this done?

Hi Everyone,

I saw this CG Image and I was so impressed i couldn't stop thinking of the way it was made. I tried to get in touch with the creator but unfortunately s/he was no more in this group so i couldn't find him/her and ask.

Can someone help me, what is the TECHNIQUE for creating similar effects and such images??




(Not 100% sure......but)

Pen tool. Stroke Path (simulated pressue ticked), Outer Glow. Inner Glow.

Also looks like a lens flare has been used on top-right of the red. Picture.

I've tried it and it is very similar effect, you'll need to play around with the settings but you should get something similar. :icon_thumbup:
The purist in me says 'from a welding or brazing tool' that has been reworked in the 'Shop, but I'm sure there's a plugin somewhere that does this automatically! :)