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Photoshop scratch disks

What's a good size to set it at?

I know it really depends on what size files you are working with and Photoshop supports up to 64 exabytes of scratch disk space on up to four volumes, that's quite a big possible window.

Its impossible to find a general answer to this, even the adobe site isn't that clear.

What I think it needs to be:
At least 4 times the size of the biggest files you are working from.
Not have the OS on it.
Defraged fairly regularly.
Ideally not usb2.

How big is yours?


Staff member
As big as it wants, I've got a separate partition on a separate hard drive which I just let programs use as they want for 'scratch' files.... os is on an ssd and when I build a new pc I'll be going ssd for scratch too.
Thanks for the link Squiddy, its a really useful reference and defiantly worth a read. Still doesn't give you an answer for the size the scratch disk. Maybe I'm over complicating things and trying to look for something that isn't really relevant, just as long as you have one.