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photoshop rounded corner shapes question


Junior Member
i'm doing some interface design in photoshop - and have a (hopefully) simple question. how do i modify the length of rounded corner shapes (paths) and maintain the rounded corner ratio? i think i've been using illustrator too much recently, and forgot how to do it in photoshop!

the context: i'm using paths/shapes, created with the rounded corner tool for a fairly complex UI dashboard. Each path has some farily complex layer styles added to it - so i need to be able to change the length of the shape (a button), yet maintain its corner shapes when extending or contracting the shape!

whats the trick?




Senior Member
im guessing you mean a rounded rectangle or some sorta button shape - you can select half your rounded corner shape, and drag it to the increased distance you want it from the other half. you'll then have a blank space in the middle of your two sides - you can then select a portion of the rounded corner shape, and stretch it to meet the other side - lengthening the shape but preserving the corners :)
I find the best way to do this is select all the corner points (should be four) on one side of your rectangle with the direct selection tool, ctl+a - white arrow, and then just press the arrow key in the direction you want the shape to grow.

Another way would be to make your shape in Illustrator and then paste it into Photoshop as a smart object. This isn't as versatile as the first method though.

Hope this is clear enough, if not I'll post some images later.
So you want to be able to create a button with all your effects but be able to copy this button and make it bigger/smaller whilst retaining it's effects? What version of PS do you have?

If it's just the corners then the above should do it.


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Don't use Ctrl/Cmd + T, because I think that's what you're doing right now...
You have to use the selection tool (quick key A) and drag the appropriate anchor tags; each rounded corner has two anchors, so to stretch your shape you will need to select at least 4 anchors ;)