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Photoshop Crash

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or trouble shooting help for a recent Photoshop issue. For some reason random PSD files that I've opened with out issue in the past are giving me the spinning rainbow wheel of doom, and I'm having to force quit Photoshop. Its never happened with the files before but has happened with 6 different PSDs over the last two days, so I don't see all these files randomly corrupting at the same time. Any suggestions of things to check would be appreciated (It's CS5 by the way).


Staff member
Working on the assumption that the files don't open in another application and although I'm not sure on a mac I would be suggesting either the program/registry (highly unlikely) or the files have been corrupted at some point if I was using windows.
Now you say you can't see them just being randomly corrupted but I can....so does mac have a checker tool for the ram and the hard drive. You could have faulty segments in your hard drive or ram which will corrupt the files while allowing 'everything' else to work ok. Therefore the first things I would do is be testing those elements.
I might be being daft but what other software would you open PSDs in to check? I'm not sure on the Ram checker, I've got iStat Pro installed but I don't know if that would give me any info on faulty segments. Had my hard drive replaced few months back by Apple as it was one of their dodgy Seagates. Thanks for the suggestions will do some digging.


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doesn't quicktime allow you to view psd's.... sure I've seen it listed on quicktime in windows... alternatively import it into a indesign file or similar :)
as to ram check - http://guides.macrumors.com/Testing_RAM
hard drive - osx has a disk utility which should cover it, if not a decent mac friendly hard drive SMART reader should do the trick
Thanks for the replies, managed to sort it. Traced my movements back from the last couple of days and remembered updating FontExplorer Pro, and its their CS5 Photoshop plug-in. When installed it crashes some files with active type layers, removed the plug in and they open fine. Amazing how many issues fonts can cause, I had Mail constantly crashing a while back and after months of having to start lengthy emails over half way through, found it was because of a font conflict with two types of Arial. Nightmare.