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Photos from the Vietnam war

Some hard hitting imagery there. I've always had an interest in war photography and am particularly
drawn to Tim Pages' work( there are at least two in this collection). Highly recommended.

Thanks for the link bud.


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No problem.

I have read soooo many articles and interviews with Vietnam photographers, some of them were real hardcore people who got in the thick of it, almost got shot and all that, (examples in the link to anyone coming after) and then there are people who would go in days after the fighting had stopped and put a teddy by a childs corpse and bang, that is the one that ends up in the press because its more printable than someone having there brains blown out or the skin falling off after being napalmed.

There was a famous one were there was a group of childrens corpses and the photographer put guns in the shot, and it resulted in uproar, crazy vietnamese kids, everyone is an enemy, blah blah!
Love the 'Drop the Dead Donkey' reference. Tim Page got shot in the head getting that magic shot....he survived but it messed him up for quite a while. Mind you his head was pickled most of the time anyways.


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Well, there are fan of photos, some correspondents, wanting to make good photo or some of these pictures could be taken by the soldiers themselves. BTW, there i some video on this topic on youtube [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3VoyjUP8hg]YouTube - War Photographer - James Nachtwey[/ame]