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Photograpy Locations needed

Hi folks!
I'm currently working on a Photography project
I need to find a good location of a
Mental Hospital/Institute/ Derilict, run down grotty....etc type theme??

Does anybody know of any locations in the UK?
Thanks again. This will be very helpful to me.
Depends if my friend is willing drive down there he he!
Apparently theres one in chester too. A lot of them won't let me in either. My lectures are warning me off, but i think it will pay off! its gonna be like a poster for a 'sense of place' brief.

I wanted to do something really morbid/ controversial and to have the 'shock factor'

I was thinking along the lines of;
a prison, childrens home, Drugs rehab centre...etc
but they are hard to find/get permission to take shots of :(

Hey i know several locations,

if anywhere near Lincoln there is a place called Nocton Hospital, old abandonned place, massive and quite iery.

Also parts of Lincoln Hospital are derilict, not sure how much though.

Check my friend Flickr out he has plenty of old abandonned/derilict locations in and around Lincolnshire.

James Arnold.'s photosets on Flickr

Maybe this is of some help:)